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Carrot tartar by Sebastian Rabe

Für das Karottentatar verwenden wir verschiedenfarbige Karottensorten. Vorzugsweise `alte` Sorten, von unserem Partner in der Region.

“I am fully behind everything we do here.”

Sebastian Rabe

The carrots

wash well – do not peel!

Season with sea salt, olive oil and thyme. Cook in a coquotte covered with aluminum foil for 2 hours at 175 ° (convection).

After cooking in the oven, remove the sprigs of thyme and finely chop the soft carrots with a kitchen knife or let them pass through a `meat grinder`.

Season with salt, pepper and finely chopped chervil.

Rüeblitartar von Sebastian Rabe

Rüeblitartar von Sebastian Rabe

Hours egg

For the `Hour Egg` or` Onsen Egg` you need a `Julabo` (a water bath that maintains the temperature very precisely)

We cook our hour eggs at a constant temperature of 63 ° for 45 minutes.

After that, the egg is wax-soft throughout.

Chive oil

Wash the chives and carefully pat dry.
Cut into coarse pieces and add to the Thermomix with the grape seed oil (alternatively another high quality and tasteless oil).
Mix for about 10 minutes at 70 °.
Then pass through a very fine sieve or cloth.
Cool down directly on ice.
Be sure to store refrigerated or alternatively freeze and thaw if necessary.

Rüeblitartar von Sebastian Rabe
Sebastian Rabe
Rüeblitartar von Sebastian Rabe


For us, this dish has become one of the most succinct in our program.
From the preparation and the presentation rather simple, it reflects our kitchen philosophy and the relationship to the region and brings the pure taste of the products to the point.
The tartare is served `lukewarm` because this is how the flavors get through the most.
We set it up `classic` in a ring and then lay the soft egg on top.
The egg is seasoned with fleur de sel. We carefully put the herb salad on and around the egg and then drizzle it with the chive oil.
Finally, the Belper tuber is planed over the tartare.

together with

…. to match, we serve a glass of Sa Fita – for your well-being.