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Pizza with HOT+HIGH – at MR. SAMIGO

Mr. SAMIGO stands for creating exclusive one-off environments for our closest clients and friends, our original style and extravagant ideas infamous for evoking memorable atmospheres and awakening the emotions of our customers. What began with intimate eateries for friends and the beloved Palestine Grill has grown considerably, our restaurant-projects and special events for important international partners have since become some of the most sought after events in the city. Nonetheless, our leitmotif #FAMILYBUSINESS remains central to our approach, thus guaranteeing an always friendly, familial atmosphere for our guests and partners alike.

HOT+HIGH Classic at Mr. Samigo. Get it when you order your pizza


Pizza with HOT+HIGH Classic

Really simple instructions

  • order pizza of your liking
  • ask for HOT+HIGH chilli sauce


  • as much as you like to your pizza or
  • dip your slice

MR. SAMIGO pizza with HOT+HIGH  chilli sauce – YES!


Step 1

Order Pizza of your liking with Dunja

Step 2

Ask about Mucho (disregard answer)

Step 3

Ask for HOT+HIGH chilli sauce

Step 4

Add HOT+HIGH chilli sauce once pizza is in front of you


Add HOT+HIGH chilli sauce

If you like it more spicy and don’t want to ruin the great original taste, just add HOT+HIGH chilli sauce.