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Mixed 135 ml Value pack

CHF 16.39

A smokey-lemony sauce that brings freshness to your tacos, to your salad, to your dips. This spicy sauce is based on chilli picked when it is still green. You will find it in any Mexicans camping kit. A spicy sweet and herbally pleasant condiment with high quality ingredients. What could the foody ask for more?! You can not to skip this Mexican classic.

HOT MAYO is HOT+HIGH’s plant-based alternative for all egg-based mayos. It is a wonderful condiment that is great for sandwiches, wraps, salads or (planted) burgers and fries​. Smooth and creamy in texture, you’re welcome to use it on your favourites food to lift them and feel good about serving it to yourself and friends.

Is best known for its Japanese cooking technique that features broiled of grilled foods, glazed soy, mirin, sugar. HOT+HIGH’s version features ad ons like honey, toasted sesame seeds among others yum ingredients. It is best used with duck, chicken, salmon, spring rolls and basically anything else you want give a Japanese touch. PLEASE ENJOY, also PLEASE NOTE: TERIYAKI is not vegan and not gluten free.


JALAPEÑO 135 ml jar
HOT MAYO 135 ml jar
TERIYAK 135 ml jar

With honey | Contains Gluten | Spicy
Still a Plus on Your Food

Ingredients: See specific flavours for all details
Notes: Vegan (except for Teriyaki because of the honey), free of gluten (except for Teriyaki because of the soy sauce). Despite the greatest care, stones / cores from the ingredients used in the product cannot be excluded.