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Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington Recipe

Gordon Ramsay’s Beef Wellington Recipe

It’s unclear whether this was the favorite meal of Arthur Wellesley, the 1st Duke of Wellington and namesake of the dish, but one thing is for certain: Gordon Ramsay’s iconic Beef Wellington is the ultimate special-occasion showstopper. Gordon modernizes this old classic with his trusty cast iron pan, which gives the beef fillet
Lemony Pasta With Kelp, Chile and Anchovies

Lemony Pasta With Kelp, Chile and Anchovies

Never ever think of giving up. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Take all negative words out of your mental dictionary and focus on the solutions with utmost conviction and patience. The battle is never lost until you’ve abandon your vision. But what if you’re really exhausted physically, mentally,

Cocunut Onion Rings with HOT+HIGH chilli sauce dip

These onion rings are super crispy and just slightly coconutty–the shredded coconut adds a hint of toasted coconut flavor, but it doesn’t overpower the flavor of the sweet onion. It’s always a little bit of a pain to bread vegetables, but like childbirth, you forget about all the pain once

Cheese with HOT+HIGH chilli sauce dip

Haters will say, cheese can never go with a Sauce. Well, then again you eat it with mustard, jams, fruits, etc. So why not eat with something spicy that doesn't ruin the taste of the cheese, but enhances it with a little kick and some fruity notes. HOT+HIGH Chilisauce does