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Your perfect wingman for grilled, braised or steamed food. With fondue or raclette. For dipping and dripping. And for the Bloody Mary the day after.

Cherry peppers and dates provide the fruity note. The raked heat on the tongue in combination with the spicy finish make CLASSIC the perfect weapon of choice.

Be Classic
Great with dumplings,
Spring rolls and others
Asian dishes.


Make it Mango

Mango blossoms in the presence of fish and poultry, but can also be enjoyed wonderfully with cheese.

In combination with the cherry peppers, MANGO ensures the full breadth of the fruit. The subtle sweetness and the balanced spicy kick make your palate happy.



Are you bored of your Wienerschnitzel? Are you missing the crucial component for roe deer, stag or wild boar? Your suffering comes to an end here and now

With blueberries, apples and a fine herbal note, BERRY brings autumn to the table. A unique taste experience that is second to none.



HOT+HIGH the Chilisauce with tase that provides a kick and doesn’t kill your food twice.

Where can you get it?

Online, of course…and

Check out the stores